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The champagne saber is used for the Sabrage ( saber à Champagne ) , the technique by which champagne bottles are opened. If you want to impress your guests, slide the saber along the body of the bottle towards the neck, then hit the lip of the neck with a sharp blow. In an instant, the collar and the cap will be shot off and you can toast with your loved ones!

Total length: 43 cm blade length: 29 cm The Sabrage (from the French “saber”, “saber”) is a technique for opening champagne or sparkling wine bottles with a ceremonial and scenographic saber. The bottle must be cold, in order to make the glass less elastic. It is advisable to put the bottle in the fridge at least 12 hours in advance and keep it upside down in an ice basket until opening. At the moment of opening, it is necessary to remove the aluminum capsule that wraps the cap and the neck, move the metal cage from the first to the second ring closest to the cap, and visualize the finishing line of the glass mold. In correspondence with it, along the body of the bottle and towards the neck, you have to slide the blade of the saber until it hits the cap. The movement, done with a light but decisive touch, is sufficient to break the glass and separate the neck from the collar which, together with the cap, is ejected in a jet. This practice became popular in Napoleonic France. The period is immediately after the French Revolution and the saber was the weapon of choice of the light cavalry of the army, the Hussars. Given the numerous victories obtained by the army, there were many celebrations, during which it was customary to open the bottles with a convenient and easily available means. It seems that, during one of these celebrations, Napoleon himself said “Champagne! In victory there is a merit in defeat a necessity ”, thus encouraging its use and practice.
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Alcoholic strength12.0%
Format750 ml

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