Pecorino Denomination

The Denominazione d'Origine Controllata (DOC) is a quality label that attests to the authenticity and typicality of Italian wines, guaranteeing respect for traditions and the territory of origin. The Pecorino denomination, mainly spread in the central regions of Italy, represents an oenological excellence to discover.

History of the Pecorino Denomination and Its Connection to the Territory

The history of the Pecorino denomination traces its roots in the ancient winemaking tradition of central Italy. This indigenous grape variety, known for its resistance and adaptability, finds in the hilly and mountainous terroir of the Marche and Abruzzo regions an ideal environment to best express its unique characteristics.

Characteristics of Pecorino Wine


The terroir of the central Italian regions, with its limestone soils and a temperate climate, confers unique characteristics to Pecorino wine. The vineyards, cultivated with passion and respect for the environment, produce high-quality grapes that translate into fresh, aromatic wines with a pronounced minerality.

Utilized Grape Varieties

The Pecorino grape variety is the undisputed protagonist of the eponymous denomination. Its grapes, handpicked during the harvest, are characterized by lively acidity and a complex aromatic profile, fully manifested in the wines of the denomination.

Production Method

The production process of Pecorino wine follows ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation. From fermentation in stainless steel to bottle aging, each phase is executed with care to preserve the authenticity and uniqueness of the wine.

The Denomination Process

The Pecorino denomination is subject to rigorous controls that ensure the quality and integrity of the wine. Analytical and organoleptic parameters are established to define the wine's characteristics and ensure compliance with traditional agronomic practices.

Recognizing and Appreciating Pecorino Wine

Pecorino wine stands out for its brilliant straw color and its floral and fruity bouquet. On the palate, it reveals a pleasant freshness and a mineral note, making it an ideal companion for fish dishes, appetizers, and fresh cheeses.

The Importance of the Denomination for Central Italian Regions

The Pecorino denomination plays a fundamental role in the economic and cultural development of central Italian regions. By promoting the territory and its gastronomic products, it contributes to enhancing the local winemaking heritage and spreading wine culture.

Pecorino in the Context of the Italian Wine Market

Pecorino wine stands out in the Italian wine market as a high-quality product, appreciated for its freshness and distinctive character. Its constant presence on Italian tables confirms consumer appreciation.

Winery Tours and Tastings

For those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Pecorino wine, numerous wineries in central Italian regions offer guided tours and tastings. A unique opportunity to discover the secrets of local winemaking and savor the finest wines of the denomination.

Food and Wine Pairing Tips

Pecorino wine pairs well with fish dishes, appetizers, and fresh cheeses. Its freshness and acidity also make it perfect as an aperitif or accompaniment for a pleasant summer evening.

Pecorino: A Vinicultural Excellence of Central Italian Regions to Discover

In conclusion, Pecorino wine represents a vinicultural excellence of central Italian regions, capable of narrating the history and territory through its unique and unmistakable taste.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pecorino Denomination

What are the main characteristics of Pecorino wine?

Pecorino wine is distinguished by its brilliant straw color, its floral and fruity bouquet, and its pleasant freshness on the palate.

Where can I buy Pecorino wine?

Pecorino wine is available at specialized wine shops and online through producers' websites.

What dishes pair best with Pecorino wine?

Pecorino wine pairs well with fish dishes, appetizers, and fresh cheeses.

How long does the maturation of Pecorino wine take?

The maturation of Pecorino wine varies depending on the type, but generally requires several months in the bottle before consumption.

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