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Clickwine is an expert company in the online sale of wines, with years of experience in the sector since its foundation in 2019. We also see ourselves as honest professionals, who offer our customers rigorous, empathetic attention. , personalized and as immediate as possible.

We offer our customers a wide range of products, which we try to keep as up-to-date as possible with the help of our suppliers and content teams, and we put at your disposal a technical and customer support team to advise and help you when needed; in addition, a delivery service as efficient as possible, between our warehouse, the purchasing teams and the various transport agencies that collaborate.

Even though we strive every day to do our job to the best of our abilities, unfortunately sometimes there are accidents that are out of our control or due to our own mistake, as, to our great regret, we are not perfect.

Therefore, below, we present the conditions governing the use of our website and the conditions that apply to all sales made from our online store, to explain in writing the rights and obligations of any user who makes a purchase in the our shop. We have tried to write them with the utmost clarity and precision, and we invite you to read them so that you know what to expect from our service and from us at all times.

Version 2.0 of October 24, 2022


Clickwine is the trade name of MA.DE. IN ITALY SRL, a company registered in Italy with VAT number IT02299890687, registered in the Pescara Business Register in volume XXXXX, sheet XXXX, sheet number XXXXX, item 1, and with registered office in Corso Umberto I, 391 Montesilvano (PE) 65015, Italy, responsible for the tax and legal obligations of the Clickwine in this country.

These conditions regulate the use that the user can make of the information contained in our pages, and establish the contractual conditions of the services offered therein, or the rights and obligations acquired by both Clickwine and by the user. . This is why Clickwine recommends that you read them carefully before using our services, since by using them you expressly and unreservedly accept to be bound by them. In case you do not agree with any of them, we ask you to refrain from visiting our pages or placing any order. If you have any questions about this text, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

These conditions may be supplemented by other specific conditions, such as those governing specific and specific promotions.

1. Privacy


For information on the security and confidentiality guarantees offered on our pages, please read our Security Guarantee, our Privacy and our Cookie Policy.

For his part, the purchasing user undertakes to provide Clickwine a e-mail to place his orders and accepts that it is his responsibility, the responsibility of the customer, to ensure the correct reception and reading of the messages that Clickwine will send to the '' address provided, in particular those in which binding dates are given for compliance with the terms of delivery, complaint or return, or other guarantees established in these conditions.

2. Means of communication


Clickwine sets the e-mail and notices on its pages as normal means of communication with its customers, and these two means are the only ones binding for the purposes of the conditions set out in these conditions.

For his part, the purchasing user undertakes to provide Clickwine a e-mail to place his orders and accepts that it is his responsibility, the responsibility of the customer, to ensure the correct reception and reading of the messages that Clickwine will send to the '' address provided, in particular those in which binding dates are given for compliance with the terms of delivery, complaint or return, or other guarantees established in these conditions.

3. Copyright, intellectual property rights and database rights


Clickwine is a registered trademark; Unauthorized use of its name, brand or logo is prohibited.

All the contents of this site (texts, images, sounds, audio, video, design, software and any other material) are the property of MA.DE. IN ITALY SRL, or, in some cases, third parties, and all industrial and intellectual property rights are reserved. The user can view the content of this website, print it, copy it and keep it only and exclusively for personal and private use; Its use and distribution for commercial purposes, both original and modified, is strictly forbidden.

Yet, MA.DE. IN ITALY SRL expressly authorizes the establishment of links to any page of this website by third party sites, as long as they do not damage in any way the good trade name or image of MA.DE. IN ITALY SRL, nor its Clickwine brand, nor that of its suppliers or customers.

MA.DE. IN ITALY SRL, also authorizes the mention of its contents on third party sites as long as it is a partial reproduction, the content is not modified, the ownership of MA.DE IN ITALY SRL, or the origin of the Clickwine site and this reproduction is always accompanied by a hypertext link to the page where the original content is located, so that the user perceives in his browser that, by accessing it, he is entering the url of Clickwine .

4. Navigation, access and security


This website has been designed to support the most used browsers and is accessible in a secure environment from the first moment and from any page; all information is transmitted in encrypted form.

Clickwine makes every effort to ensure that browsing takes place in the best conditions and that its contents and systems are free from errors or defects. However, Clickwine is not responsible for damages of any kind that may be caused to users due to the possible existence of errors or defects.

Clickwine is not responsible and does not guarantee that access to this website will be uninterrupted and reserves the right to suspend or cancel access to its pages temporarily or permanently . Clickwine.

It is not responsible for any damage or loss that may be caused to users by improper use of the use of this website.

5. Accuracy and updating of contents


Clickwine undertakes to ensure that the data and information contained in its pages are correct and as complete and updated as possible.

However, Clickwine warns that the images posted for its products are illustrative and is aware that in some cases they may have become obsolete, show a previous vintage or label or design and do not exactly match, in some details, the actual product. offered.

Clickwine also warns users that the classification and filtering system used on its pages in all its sections and product types has been designed to aid navigation and facilitate product differentiation and that it does not always correspond to classification officers.

Clickwine warns that, in the event of an error in the delivery of the products purchased on its pages, only the name of the product, the type of product and the capacity of the bottle can be used as the subject of a complaint and declines all responsibility for damages of any kind. that may be caused to users due to the failure to update the images or other published details, whether they are the alcohol content, the aging, the grapes, the type of viticulture, the existence or not of any special packaging of the bottle or any other.

6. Legal age of users


You must be of legal age to use the services on our pages. By accessing our pages, the user declares to be of age in their country.

You are solely responsible for knowing the regulations relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages in your country. In Italy the user must be over 18 years old. In any case, Clickwine reminds you that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and recommends consuming it in moderation.

7. Prices


The prices of our products and services are expressed in Euros and include VAT in force in Italy at the time of signing the contract. In the case of alcoholic beverages (wines and spirits), the prices also include the excise duties in force in Italy at the time of negotiating each product.

Although Clickwine reserves the right to change its prices at any time, its products and services are billed according to the rates in effect at the time of the order.

Clickwine assumes no responsibility for any typographical or arithmetic errors that may appear in the prices indicated on its pages, but undertakes to correct it as soon as possible, to notify the error and the new amount to customers who have contracted the product or service concerned and to offer them, in the event that they do not accept the new price, the right of withdrawal provided that the delivery of the purchased products has not yet taken place. In the event of partial or total cancellation of the content of the order for this reason, Clickwine undertakes to fully refund the amount paid within a maximum period of 7 calendar days and always through the same method used for payment.


8. Availability


Clickwine maintains a minimum stock of each advertised product as available on our pages in its warehouse. These stocks vary according to each reference and have been calculated to cover their usual demand, in normal times and situations. Additionally, Clickwine has established distribution agreements with its various suppliers so that new inventory is delivered to its warehouse within a reasonable timeframe, which is usually less than a week.

Clickwine reserves the right to limit the purchase of certain products to a certain number of units or bottles, as well as to request a minimum number of purchase units; This limitation or minimum required will be communicated at the time of purchase, directly on the web or by written communication in the case of purchase by e-mail.

Clickwine reserves the right to cancel an order due to lack of availability regardless of the information published on the web at the time of order registration and to have received the customer's confirmation via email; Clickwine reserves the right to cancel due to lack of availability both for its products on normal sale and in advance sale, and in the case of offers and promotions. However, in case of unavailability, Clickwine undertakes to notify the buyer as soon as possible, offering him the possibility to replace it with another product of similar price (in case of choosing a product with a higher price, a variation of up to 5% of the price paid) or to partially or totally cancel the purchase. In the event of partial or total cancellation of the content of the order for this reason, Clickwine undertakes to refund the amount paid within a maximum period of 7 calendar days.

Likewise, in the event of limited and insufficient availability to cover all requests received, Clickwine reserves the right to assign a maximum number of bottles or units per customer and / or order; The assignments will be carried out in strict order of receipt of orders.

Clickwine assumes no responsibility for any damage that the unavailability could cause to the user, even after receiving the initial confirmation of the order, on the web or by e-mail, but undertakes to refund the amount paid for the unavailable products. within a maximum term of 7 calendar days from the moment in which the cancellation request is received by the customer.



9. Advanced wine sales


The purchase of advanced (or premier) wine consists in the purchase of a wine before the company puts it into circulation through the usual channels (specialized shops, restaurants, etc.). To formalize the booking of a wine in advance, the customer undertakes to pay the full amount corresponding to the wines, including current taxes, and to pay the relative shipping costs upon arrival of the bottles at our warehouse and finally ready to be shipped to the customer. Between the booking date of this type of product and the shipping date to the address that the customer will indicate when preparing the shipment, there is usually a waiting period ranging from one year to two and a half years. Although this period is indicated on each product sheet under "Approximate Delivery", Clickwine warns that these dates are beyond its control and subject to change by wineries and their distribution chains. Clickwine assumes no responsibility for any delay in the arrival of such products at its warehouse.

Given the unique nature of advanced wines, Clickwine reserves the right not to accept a cancellation request for advanced wine orders once payment has been received. These types of products are excluded from the right of withdrawal pursuant to letter g of article 59 of the Italian Consumer Code, amended pursuant to Legislative Decree 21/02/14 n. 21, as "alcoholic beverages whose price was agreed upon at the time of signing the sales contract and which cannot be delivered within 30 days, and whose real value depends on market fluctuations that the trader cannot control".

Once the customer has been informed that the bottles of wines purchased from the advance are already available in our warehouse, the customer has a maximum of 6 months to request delivery and pay the relative shipping costs. Clickwine reserves the right to cancel the reservation of these bottles if, after this period, the customer has not given his consent to make the shipment or has not yet paid the relative shipping costs. If the reservation is canceled for this reason, the customer loses all right to claim the amount paid for the bottles.

10. Methods of payment and bank charges


All orders must be paid in advance in full by bank transfer, credit card (VISA and Mastercard debit or credit) or Paypal.

Payments by wire transfer must be received on Clickwine without any commission from the issuing bank. In the event that Clickwine has to make a refund by bank transfer to a customer's account, whatever the reason for the refund, it must come from a bank in a country belonging to the European Economic Area; If the customer requests reimbursement to a bank account belonging to a country outside this area, the possible commission for wire transfers to accounts in countries not members of the European Economic Area will be charged. Refunds on cards, Paypal accounts or bank accounts of member states of the European Economic Area will be made with the entire agreed amount.

Clickwine reserves the right to limit the amount of payments to be made by card or Paypal.

11. Invoices


Clickwine issues its invoices exclusively in PDF format, in a file that the user can download directly from his private area (My account) in the details of each order. The buyer user renounces, by accepting these General Conditions of Use and Sale, to receive them on paper.


12. Deliveries


Clickwine makes every effort to ensure that the information posted on our pages on stock supply and delivery times is as accurate and true as possible. These deadlines are calculated and revised based on accumulated experience, but may present slight deviations due to transport accidents for multiple reasons, unforeseen local holidays or exceptional periods such as Christmas dates or situations of great demand such as the launch of exceptional promotions or other reasons. Clickwine makes every effort to inform its customers of any exceptional delays but cannot take any responsibility for non-compliance with an estimated date: delivery dates are estimated and not guaranteed, subject to the maximum of 30 calendar days established by law. .

The transport conditions contracted for the standard or economic service are intended for same-day delivery, from Monday to Friday, without notice or the possibility of agreeing delivery at a specific time, and with only one guaranteed delivery attempt. If the recipient is not at home at the time of the first attempt, he must contact the courier to find out if a new delivery is possible at no additional cost or if, on the contrary, it will be necessary to go to his delegation for collection on. The time during which the order can be collected from the delegation indicated by the carrier in the event that delivery to the indicated address is not possible, will depend on each agency. Clickwine does not exercise any control over the storage periods of orders not delivered at the transport agencies and, consequently, cannot assume any responsibility if the order has not been collected within this period and is finally returned to the origin; in this case, Clickwine will be obliged to charge the customer the corresponding return costs, as well as the reshipment costs if the order is to be sent again.

The user undertakes to provide at all times only correct and complete data, but above all in the indication of the delivery addresses, especially considering that any surcharge caused by the need to change a delivery address once the order has been shipped, will be at customer's charge.

Clickwine undertakes to provide the customer with an estimated delivery date, as well as the data necessary to track each shipment each time it is provided by the agency, but it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that there is someone at the indicated address at the time of delivery, both for their orders and, above all, for gifts. The estimated delivery date for shipments with standard or economy service may not be exact, it is not a guaranteed date and Clickwine cannot be held responsible for its variation.

Delivery of orders to PO boxes is not possible. Orders must be received by adults, who must indicate their name and signature (and identity card number in some countries) on the delivery note, taking responsibility for the custody of the packages if they are not recipients of the order. same. In case of detection of any anomaly at the time of delivery (lack of packages or visible damage), the recipient must indicate it on the delivery note before signing it and immediately notify the Customer Service The customer has 24 hours to complain any incident relating to the delivery or possible content error. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to keep the original packaging in which the products arrived.

Clickwine undertakes to replace any product not received or received damaged during transport provided that the complaint is made within the term and conditions established above. If it is not possible to replace with the same product, the customer can choose another product of similar price or request a refund of the amount paid for it.

In case of loss or loss of part or all of the order, Clickwine will proceed to request the shipment to the transport company, but it will have to wait a reasonable period for the agency to identify it before proceeding to replace it. The maximum waiting period will be 7 calendar days from the customer's notification of the incident.

Orders for which products are available, upon confirmation of payment by credit card or PayPal, are entrusted to the courier in 3 days on average. In the case of a bank transfer, the date of receipt of the bank transfer itself shall be deemed authentic and not the date of execution, as it is revocable for the following 24 hours. It may happen, especially at busy times, that some products are out of stock and availability times become longer than expected. If this happens, one of our employees will contact you to inform you and propose alternatives. All we ask is a little patience: these treasures of Italian food and wine are worth waiting one more day!.

Thanks to an agreement with a major broker, the forwarding agent is chosen on the basis of the actual expertise in the area from SDA, GLS, Bartolini, DHL, UPS and TNT.

Shipping to UK:
Not included - charged to sender or recipient (check with your tax advisor)
Duties Not included - charged to recipient (not calculable) Excise alcoholic goods Not included - charged to consignee

13. Cancellations and returns


The customer has the right at any time to request the cancellation of an order and to receive a refund of the entire amount paid, unless he has entered the preparation phase; once in preparation, sent or delivered, to cancel an order or return it, in whole or in part, the customer must make use of the right of withdrawal, the conditions of which are also specified below.

In cases where the order has not yet entered the preparation phase, it will be sufficient for the customer to request cancellation by e-mail, while taking into account that between the receipt of the message and its reading and management, a period of time during which the order may have entered the preparation phase and it is not possible to interrupt the shipment.

Once canceled, Clickwine undertakes to refund the full amount paid within a maximum period of 7 calendar days. To this end, the same method used for payment will always be used, except in the case of payments by bank transfer to bank accounts belonging to a non-EU country, in which case the customer can choose between (1) accept the backlash of any commission that could be generated for transfers to accounts in non-member countries of the European Economic Area, (2) provide for another alternative method, namely a Pay account

In case of refunds on bank accounts or cards in countries with currencies other than the euro, given that the amount to be returned will be in euros - as well as the payment - and in order to avoid unnecessary commissions, the customer can also ask to leave the amount as a credit for a future purchase.

In the event that the payment method used at the time of purchase is no longer available (Paypal account canceled or card expired), the customer can request a refund on another Paypal account, the refund by bank transfer (with the above reserves for bank accounts belonging to non-EU countries), or even leave the amount as a credit for a future purchase; in no case can it be on a card other than the one used to pay for the order.

Once the preparation of the order has started, the order is ready for shipment, shipped or delivered, any cancellation request will be treated as a right of withdrawal. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must communicate his decision clearly and without any ambiguity: or (1) by letter addressed to the registered office of MA.DE. IN ITALY SRL Corso Umberto I, 391 Montesilvano (PE) 65015, Italy, (2) by email at or (3) using the Return Form, marking the option to return the entire order in the section relating to the products to be returned. The return of the order in case of withdrawal will also give rise to the reimbursement of the entire order, including shipping costs, except in the case in which a shipping method with a cost higher than the basic one has been requested for the original shipment; in this case, only the amount corresponding to a standard service will be refunded as shipping costs.

In case of withdrawal, Clickwine will organize and bear the costs of collection and transport of the returned products to its warehouses, and will do so through one of its partner agencies and according to the usual conditions of a standard service, i.e. the customer must allow the collection of products during the day, without the obligation to indicate a specific time by the agency. Collection must take place at the same address where the original order was delivered. If the customer requests collection at another address, this must be confirmed in advance by Clickwine, which reserves the right to request payment of the difference in the event that the cost of transport for collection at this new address is higher than the cost collection at the original address.

Returns are not accepted for deliveries made to special territories or to countries outside the European Union.

All customers have the right of withdrawal without the need for justification, provided that they exercise this right within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the order, as communicated by the transport agency, or from the return of the order to the agency of transport in case of non-delivery or repeated absence. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if there are indications that the products have been opened, manipulated or exposed to unsuitable conditions. In this case it is mandatory to return the entire shipment, with all products adequately protected, in their original packaging and in perfect condition for subsequent sale.

Once the order has been retrieved and the appropriate checks on the status of the products have been carried out, Clickwine will refund the customer the full amount paid, using the same method used for payment, with the same exceptions and reservations referred to in the third and fourth paragraphs. and fifth of this same section regarding wire transfer payments to bank accounts belonging to a country outside the EEA as indicated, accounts with currencies other than the euro and methods not available.

The refund in case of withdrawal will be made within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the returned order. Returns freight collect or requests for payment of invoices for shipments organized by the customer will not be accepted. And it will be necessary to insert in the box a completed copy of the Return Form; if the order is made up of several packages, a copy of the same in each of them.

The customer also has the right to return part or all of an order if one of the products received - except in the case of collector's bottles, without the right of complaint or return - does not meet his expectations or if he realizes, after the delivery, having purchased it by mistake, unintentionally or induced by incorrect or incomplete information published on our website. In this case, the deadline for requesting the return will be 30 calendar days and you will have to proceed in the same manner and with the same reservations as indicated for the right of withdrawal for both the collection and the subsequent refund. The form to be used will be the same as the Return Form used for the case of withdrawal, it being necessary in this case to indicate the name of each of the products to be returned; once completed, it must be sent by e-mail to Clickwine Customer Service to agree on the method of collection; once agreed, the customer must insert a copy of the form in the return package; if the return includes more than one package, it will be necessary to insert a copy in each box. Refunds in this situation - partial return of an order, or after the 14 days provided for by the right of withdrawal - will only be made for products returned in perfect condition, excluding both the shipping costs paid for the original shipment and any surcharge paid for gift options (paper or wooden box).

In the event of an error in content, Clickwine undertakes, after receiving notification of the problem by e-mail, to either withdraw the products sent in error and send the corrected products as soon as possible, subject to availability and the usual restocking times, or to reimburse the amount paid for the products purchased and not sent plus the proportionate part of the transport, if the situation arises in which the new delivery no longer arrives in time for the purpose for which they were purchased. In the event of any lack of availability or delay, Clickwine will offer the customer the possibility, if they so wish, of exchanging the product that is out of stock or affected by the delay for another product of a similar price. 

The customer will not be able to claim any compensation for inconvenience caused by an error of this kind and even in this case the time limit for requesting a refund will be 30 calendar days.

In the event of incidents during transport (partial or damaged deliveries, delivery to the wrong address, lost parcels or unacceptable delays after the order has been dispatched), the customer is entitled to a replacement shipment as soon as possible. In these cases, it is essential that the problem is noted on the delivery note and that the incident is reported within the time limits set by each transport agency (often as much as 24 hours after delivery). In the event that it is not possible to return the goods or they no longer arrive in time, the customer shall be entitled to a refund of the goods not received in perfect condition and the proportionate share of the shipping costs.

The customer also has the right to return a defective product, whether the defect concerns the content (corked wine or other defect) or the exterior (damage to labels, capsules or other decorative elements). In the case of damage to the exterior, the customer must notify the problem within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of delivery of the order and initially present a photograph showing the problem; for wines with a defect, the period is one year and, when notifying the complaint, the customer must indicate the batch code of the bottle, usually found on the back label. Both problems must be communicated, within the above-mentioned period, by e-mail to Customer Service, which will inform the customer as soon as possible, and always within 3 working days, whether or not the products will be withdrawn, either to verify the defect or to present it to the producer for analysis or complaint. Until receipt of the reply, the customer must keep the bottle, with at least 3/4 of its contents and corked with its original cap if it has been opened. Whether collected or not, the customer will receive a credit note for the amount paid for the product, excluding shipping costs. If the product is collected, the customer must complete the Return Form and facilitate collection, which can take place at the same address as the delivery address or at another address if this has been agreed in writing with Clickwine Customer Service.

In order for a refund to be effective in any of the cases described in this section, it is essential that you first contact our Customer Service Department to inform them of the situation. Clickwine will not accept any complaints or refunds if it has not received any notification by e-mail and if the terms of the refund have not been agreed.

14. Applicable law and jurisdiction


The General Conditions of Use and Sale set out herein are subject to Italian law and the Italian version shall be the only legally valid version and shall prevail in the event of any discrepancy between the versions published on the various Clickwine websites.


The place of conclusion of the sale to which these General Terms and Conditions are subject shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) 44/2001 of 22 December 2000 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the European Commission makes an online dispute resolution platform available to all consumers at the following link: Online Dispute Resolution - European Commission.

15. Historical wines

- Although every possible effort has been made to describe the levels of older vintages, corks more than fifteen years old begin to lose elasticity and therefore the level of the wine may vary from the moment of cataloguing to the moment of sale. It is also well known that older corks can fail during or after shipping. It is therefore reiterated that with older wines there is always a risk of cork failure and this must be carefully considered. Wines, once purchased, are subject to non-return. Buyers are encouraged to ask our experts for a detailed report on the condition of each wine. All wines are sold 'as seen'.

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