Cassetta Vin Santo di Montepulciano "Occhio di Pernice" + Vin Santo di Montepulciano 2 X 100 ml 2005 - Avignonesi

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EYE OF PARTRIDGE Vitingo: Sangiovese. Vinification Harvest: the grapes were harvested by hand in small boxes lined with vine leaves. Vinification: The grapes were spread on bamboo mats in the drying rack where they remain to dry for 6 months. They were then gently pressed and the must was transferred to the kegs for a slow and natural fermentation, with the addition of the indigenous yeast, called "mother". Aging: 10 years in kegs. Dense and mysterious, the Occhio di Pernice 2005 reveals an overwhelming buoquet: aromas of dates, prunes, gingerbread, sweet spices and candied lemon follow and evolve, paving the way for sweet and sensual flavors of cedar, salted candies, biscuits freshly baked and many more. A wine that surprises with every sip. VIN SANTO DI MONTEPULCIANO. Grapes Malvasia and Trebbiano Aging 10 years in kegs in contact with the mother.This Vin Santo, caramel-colored, is characterized by intense aromas of toffee and dark chocolate, intertwined with hints of acacia honey and Mediterranean herbs. Aromas of freesias, caramelized orange peel and small pastries come out from the glass. On the palate, this sweet wine reveals new, surprising flavors with every sip: figs, almonds, lemon and coffee beans, while a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness complements the sensual aftertaste.

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Alcoholic strength12.0%
Format100 ml
NameVin Santo di Montepulciano

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