Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Mineraliae 2018 Zero Puro - Cantina Orsogna

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The impenetrable ruby red color with purple hues would like to hide what comes to the nose intensely: black cherry in alcohol and jam, leather and almond. The taste is warm, full, rightly tannic and savory.

This term is synonymous with both healthy, well-ripened and hand-picked grapes, and with extreme hygiene in the cellar. In the must there is no trace of added sulfur dioxide, therefore the yeasts can work in optimal conditions in order to transform the must into wine. White wines are preserved young, fresh and with distinctive aromas, while reds retain their color and body over time.
The different species of yeast naturally present in wine give extraordinary complexity and quality, which cannot be found in the products obtained through fermentation with selected yeasts. Furthermore, the spontaneous microflora of musts is preserved and expresses the wine-territory bond.
The biodynamic winemaker works in harmony with the forces, rhythms and cycles of nature to preserve the fertility of the soil and the vitality of the vine. Using these precautions it is able to harvest higher quality grapes from which wines are born that tell authenticity and typicality, a direct expression of the vineyard and the territory of origin.
To reinforce the purity and naturalness of the product, the labels of Zeropuro wines have been designed in such a way as to dress the bottle with originality and at the same time favor its separation with a view to recycling. The illustrations reinforce the naturalness of the product by describing chlorophyll photosynthesis, the primary biological process for life. Plants through photosynthesis procure the nourishment necessary to grow and allow the entire ecosystem of our planet. Each wine of the line is identified with one of the elements involved in photosynthesis: sun, leaves, stems, soil, roots and water. The shape, in compliance with the law, is designed to be anchored to the glass only with a small dot of glue, so that, once the wine has been consumed, the label can be easily removed to be disposed of separately from the bottle.
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Grape varietyMontepulciano d'Abruzzo
Alcoholic strength13.5%
Format750 ml
NameMontepulciano d'Abruzzo

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