Chardonnay Didacus 2016 - Planeta

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From the first vineyard we planted in 1985 on the shores of Lake Ulmo, Didacus is born today: it is the Chardonnay that we dedicate to the founder Diego Planeta and which represents the essence of our history. In addition to bearing the memory of a symbol, Didacus expresses elegance and tradition, family and future for us: it contains our vision of wine and Sicily as we have always dreamed of it. The bottle is contained in the appropriate wooden case.

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  • Region: Sicily _x0001_
  • Area: _x0001_
  • Origin: DOC _x0001_
  • Vintage: 2016 _x0001_
  • Grapes: Chardonnay _x0001_
  • Alcohol content: 13.5% _x0001_
  • Capacity: 750ml _x0001_
  • Style: Stationary _x0001_
  • Type: White

From the imprint that Diego Planeta contributed to the change in Sicilian viticulture, our production history also originated: in fact we traveled to Sicily looking for our interpretation through not only research on native vines, including those now forgotten, but also on the adaptability of some terroirs to accommodate international vines. It was exactly like that, indeed, that we started. In 1985, we planted the first vineyards around the Ulmo fort, where the agricultural history of our family has been renewed for five centuries: at the beginning they were a palette of shapes and colors, a real laboratory in which we began our experiments through microvinifications.

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Data sheet

Alcoholic strength12.0%
Format750 ml
Grape varietyChardonnay

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