D’Eus Brut Rosè Vino Spumante di Qualità brut Metodo Classico Biologico Magnum - Chiusa Grande

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D'EUS. Tribute to the everlasting pleasure. Ode to thoughtful inspiration. Gift to those who appreciate the enigmatic unconventionality. D'EUS… hymn to the slow passing of time. It is a classic method sparkling wine meticulously refined on the lees. Long wait rewarded by the bright color, the minty crunchy fragrance and the fine and entrancing perlage, which caresses the palate with the delicacy of a butterfly. Striking notes of peach, hawthorn and sage anticipate the enveloping sip. D'EUS… superb and celestial challenge, homage to D'Annunzio: “memento audere semper”.

Harvesting is done in the cool hours of the day, manually in boxes, selecting the best bunches, avoiding damage. The grapes are harvested and vinified upon reaching technological ripeness: medium sugar level, low pH and good content in organic acids.
The vinification is the typical one of the base-sparkling wines: soft pressing of the whole grapes, separation of the free-run must, decantation and fermentation of the limpid must at a T ° of about 18 ° C. with the addition of selected yeasts. To minimize the use of adjuvants, in particular sulfur dioxide, the hyperoxygenation technique is used which guarantees a natural oxidative stability of the future wine. At the end of winter the sparkling base wine is blended with a small percentage of red wine, always obtained from Montepulciano grapes, to obtain the desired rosé hue. The base wine is then sweetened with organic sugar and re-fermented in the bottle at a T ° of about 13 ° C according to the rules of the "Classic Method" with the addition of low SO2 producing yeasts. After the refermentation, D'Eus Rosè remains in aging on the lees for about 48 months during which the yeast gives the wine its constituents which are the organoleptic and gustatory support of this sparkling wine. Subsequently, by means of the “remuage” technique, the bottles are gradually brought from the horizontal to the vertical position (placed at the tip), so that the yeast lees are collected in the under-cap capsule. They are then expelled after freezing the necks of the bottle ("degorgement"). The final phase is that of adding the "liquer d'expedition" to restore the wine lost during the "degorgement" phase, finally the bottle is capped and labeled. PERMANENCE ON YEASTS / CLOSING: 48 months / 2 months before marketing
COLOR Light pink color, bright and lively with purple hues Continuous and persistent perlage of good finesse
BOUQUET Fine and elegant, intense and persistent with pleasant hints of mint, cherries, red fruits and typical notes of bread crust
TASTE Lively and savory, pleasantly silky and soft, with great structure, finesse and elegance. Excellent gustative persistence and aftertaste to remember the pleasant fruity aromas
PAIRINGS Seafood, raw and fish dishes. Excellent as an aperitif
STORAGE 12-18 ° keeping the bottle lying down
SERVICE Serve at 8 ° / 10 °
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Alcoholic strength12.0%
Format1500 ml

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