Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 2013 - Badia a Coltibuono

VAT included
  • \ n
  • Type White Wine \ n
  • Vintage 2012 \ n
  • Capacity 0.375 l \ n
  • Country Italy \ n
  • Gradation 15 ° \ n
  • Tuscany Region \ n
  • DOCG classification \ n
  • Grape variety Malvasia, Trebbiano \ n

  • \ n
  • TYPE Vin Santo del Chianti Classico DOC \ n
  • PRODUCTION AREA Monti in Chianti (Siena) \ n
  • VARIETY Trebbiano, Malvasia \ n
  • TYPE OF SOIL Clayey-calcareous soils at altitudes between 260 and 370 m asl. South, SW \ n
  • AGE OF THE VINEYARDS Age of the vineyards 20 years \ n
  • VINIFICATION The grapes are selected and dried in well-ventilated rooms. Fermentation and aging take place in small sealed oak barrels stored in rooms exposed to seasonal variations in temperatures. \ n
  • COLOR Intense red gold with coppery reflections \ n
  • BOUQUET The nose has aromas of apricot and dried fruit, with hints of chestnut honey and vanilla. \ n
  • PAIRINGS Ideal to taste with typical Tuscan sweets. Excellent with blue cheeses or liver pate. \ n
  • TASTE The taste is full and rich, full-bodied with flavors of apricot jam. \ n
  • TASTING NOTES Produced in small quantities, this is the typical and traditional Tuscan dessert wine. Enhanced with the creation of the DOC Vinsanto del Chianti Classico, today Vinsanto di Badia a Coltibuono ranks among the best raisin wines in the world. Vin Santo Toscano belongs to the most ancient tradition. It is the wine of welcome and of being together. In fact, in the Tuscan countryside it was traditional to offer it to guests and donate a cask to the new unborn as a sign of good luck. The name seems to derive from the fact that the grapes from which it comes were left to dry until Holy Week, that of Easter, when they were pressed and pressed. \ n
  • DESCRIPTION The choice of a healthier and more sustainable agriculture was born in 1985 with the decision at the time in total contrast not to use herbicides and insecticides. In the following years, the 600 mother vines are selected that will be used for the replanting of the vineyards, which begin in 1988. Over the years the Organic approach is increasingly realized, leading to the certification of the olive groves in 1994 and in 2000 to the certification of the entire 'agency. Grassing, composting, organic fertilization and increasing biodiversity are the cornerstones of an approach that safeguards the health of workers and the environment. A livelier and healthier soil also becomes an added value for the quality and territoriality of the wines. Today, with the guidance of the Delinat directives, the approach to Bio becomes increasingly articulated and includes all company practices. With the creation of the Biodistretto del Chianti, a collective challenge is launched so that the whole territory is managed in a sustainable way following the principles of organic agriculture. \ n
  • AGING 7 years in oak barrels. \ n
Product Details

Data sheet

Grape varietyMalvasia
Alcoholic strength15%
Format375 ml
NameVin Santo del Chianti Classico

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