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The potential of the volcanic soil sloping down towards the sea and the meeting with Riccardo Cotarella, a winemaker of great value particularly sensitive to the recovery and enhancement of Southern wines, led to the birth, in 1994, of a product that aroused incredible emotion in everyone . The "Terra di Lavoro", a wine of great structure, suitably aged in small oak barrels.

TERRA DI LAVORO 2011 2011 is a "purebred" Terra di Lavoro. Son of a splendid sunny year, hot enough to be harvested as early as the end of September. Very rainy winter, spring and early summer, then mild mid-June and mid-July. It rains even at the end of July then nothing more. The rain will be missing the entire August and September. The temperature rises in mid-August and will remain sultry until 25 September, resulting in an optimal temperature range with the inevitable night drop. The harvest starts on September 28th. The particularly dry course thickens the skins and dries the grapes, determining a sugar concentration that determines a slight anticipation of the harvest. This climatic condition produced a classic and successful Tera di Lavoro. The considerable thermal excursions have contributed to determine its elegance and balance. It is dark red, dense and veined, with a youthful expression contained on the most extreme nail. The scent is clear, balsamic, incisive and complex. It is revealed in its variants during the oxygenation in the glass. Each approach is the same and different. Long and lively, tasting never tires. Blueberry and sour cherry, a tongue of grass and white pepper. And even more in the variations, over time. The taste gives beautiful memories of the places: the woods, the volcano, the sun and the shade. In the mouth we find the balance between the soft tannins and the young acidity supported by the characteristic mineral sapidity. Long and harmonious finish between sensations of plum jam and herbaceous touches and a pleasant vinous sensation. The wine is pulpy, round and as always of interminable persistence. TERRA DI LAVORO 2012 Mild winter until the beginning of February where an exceptional wave of frost hits the whole of Europe and makes it snow abundantly here too. Rather dry but cold winter end. Hot March, final from summer. Intense cold April. Rainy and cool May. June unstable start. on the 20th the heat breaks out. Summer is hot. A year so complex from a climatic point of view leads to a slightly late harvest to allow the grapes to ripen correctly. It is harvested in two stages 8/9/10 October and then 18/19. The color of Terra di Lavoro 2012 is that of always dark and intense. Aromatic panorama ranging from red berries to the balsamic notes of the resin with spicy peaks and a vegetal presence. The mineral note, which has always been the backbone of the Terra di Lavoro, is unmissable. Strong tannins given the youth of the wine. Long, very long persistence. TERRA DI LAVORO 2014 As for 2013, the new 2014 vintage is also marked by rain. Although the winter is mild in temperatures, it is not so in the rainfall which is persistent throughout the season, not giving up on either spring or summer. Only August will mark a respite allowing, in the end, the correct ripening of the grapes. We go down to the vineyard over and over again to manage grapes and vegetation in order to make the most of the solar energy available with patient care of the plants. We harvest in mid-October, a few days later than usual to optimize the sugar concentration. TERRA DI LAVORO 2016 The Terra di Lavoro 2016 is an "Ace" in the tennis sense of the term: a winning shot. Yet this Ace was born with all the numbers against. A cold and rainy year that created many difficulties in the vineyard. An uncomfortable and cumbersome term of comparison like the 2015 vintage, rich and opulent daughter of a warm and favorable climatic season. So a disadvantaged start, difficult to face, for those who, like us, still have to present the fruit of their work, in the best and most difficult moments. TERRA DI LAVORO 2017 The unexpected unexpected. We have already said several times that the 2017 vintage was for Galardi one of the most beautiful vintages in its history. That it was so in substance as well as in appearance we expressed it with the birth of a new wine more than twenty years after the first. That we expected great things from Terra di Lavoro 2017 was certainly a legitimate claim. The richness and complexity that we have found in this 2017 vintage are, in truth, surprising. We would say that the color is the classic one of Terra di Lavoro: ruby, intense, impenetrable. And it is true. But omitting the present shades of plum, Pompeian, chestnut, crimson, carmine, purple, would be to misrepresent the real complexity and depth of the color. TERRA DI LAVORO 2018 Really risky to associate Tolkien's Middle Earth with the Terra di Lavoro 2018. Yet it is for that "medium" of Tolkien that it is not an understatement of anything, because it is there that the whole history of the actions of his work is concentrated. The rest is Ocean. It is there, between two rich and grandiose harvests such as 17 and 19 that the Terra di Lavoro 2018 concentrates the whole story ... Making its way after a season that has given only bad weather and rigors, after a careful and scrupulous work of care and selection , the grapes harvested gave fruit to a winning classic. Already! The Terra di Lavoro of rainy years has become a classic. These vintages, 05, 13, 14, and then 16 are common to the characteristic of readiness. A harmonious balance in the bottle that requires less aging time to express the best of itself.
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